Launched on February 3, 2015, DEAR QUEENS is an empowerment brand dedicated to helping women make healthy decisionsCombining the practical use of spiritual principles with personal narrative and storytelling, DEAR QUEENS empowers women toward identity, peace, and purpose. 
DEAR QUEENS is your spiritual guide, sister, counselor, homegirl, and confidant. 

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Brown Girl Bloggers Daily, April 1, 2015 - I Need You to Survive 
Brown Girl Bloggers Daily, April 15, 2015 - Where Will You Go?
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2015 Black Weblog Award Winner, Best Faith-Based Blog; Best New Blog 
Wonder Woman Wednesday, Embracing Your Difference LLC, August 2016
Ms. Divine Legacy Award Nominee, Divine Legacy Awards, September 2016
Panelist, Embracing Your Difference Annual Mentoring Conference, August 2016
    Topic: Embracing Your You, Presentation: Entrepreneurship Q&A
Facilitator, Hartford Girls Rock (Summer Curriculum), September 2016
    Topic: Self-love, Presentation: Turning Negatives into Positives 

Speaker, Embrace Your Journey Workshop, February 2018
    Topic: Purpose, Presentation: Trusting Your Process  
Facilitator, Posh Dynasty Mentorship Program, February 2018
    Topic: Self-love, Presentation: Putting the 'Self' Back in Self-Esteem: Validating Yourself

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